Cylindrical roller bear., single row (NU)


Single-row cylindrical roller bearings can be dismantled and thus facilitate mounting and demounting. The manufacturer SLF produces cylindrical roller bearings in the versions NU.., NJ.., NUP.. and N… The cylindrical roller bearings are also available in the versions RNU, NUB, NJP, NU+HJ, NJ+HJ, LNJ, LNU, LNJP and LNUP as well as current insulated version on request. Angular rings can also be supplied on request.
The NU design consists of an outer ring with two guide flanges and an inner ring without guide flanges and is a floating bearing. The bearing can be dismantled.

The standard version of cylindrical roller bearings comes with a cage of fiber-glass reinforced polyamide 66 (suffix TVP2). Bearings with such a cage can be used up to a temperature of 120 °C for a longer period of time. The oil of the oil lubrication system contains additives which may affect the service life of the cage. In addition, the bearings are offered with brass cage. Sheet-metal cages are available (on request).

Heat treatment
Cylindrical roller bearings have been heat treated so that they can be used up to an operating temperature of 150 °C. Bearings with an outer diameter over 120 mm maintain the accurate dimensions up to 200 °C. Brass cages, for instance, should be used for temperatures above 120 °C.

The standard cylindrical roller bearing is supplied with standard tolerance. Bearings with the tolerances P6, P5 and P4 are also available on request.

Bearing clearance
The standard cylindrical roller bearing is provided with standard radial clearance (CN). Other radial clearance designs are possible on customer’s request. Bearings with indicated radial clearance, e.g. R15.25 cannot be exchanged.

Other designs
Cylindrical roller bearings are also available with current insulation up to 1000 Volts. In addition, cylindrical roller bearings can also be supplied in the „LONGLIFE“ version. Bearings of this design have a dynamical load rating which is 18 % higher as compared with the standard bearings according to the SLF catalog. Bearing and packaging are identified by „LONGLIFE“.

Single-row cylindrical roller bearings DIN 5412-1