High-precision cylindrical roller bearings, single row


The high-precision design of cylindrical roller bearings of the series N19.., N10..and selected types in HCN10.. are ideal floating bearings which are characterized by radial rigidity.
In addition to their application as floating bearing, they are used also where a radial rigid, stable and highly precise bearing is required.
To exactly set the radial clearance, the standard version of the bearings is provided with a conical tapered bore (cone 1:12). Thus the required radial clearance or radial pre-load can be set by axially shifting at the conical seat of the shaft.
The rollers of the series HCN10.. are of ceramic material which clearly improves the characteristics in terms of friction and wear which, in turn, results in lower lubricant consumption and lower temperatures. Even higher speeds are admissible for this reason.

The standard version of high-precision thrust cylindrical roller bearings are provided with a solid brass cage supported by rolling elements.

Heat treatment
The high-precision cylindrical roller bearings have been heat treated such that they can be used up to an operating temperature of 150 °C. Bearings with an outer diameter of higher than 120 mm show dimensional stability up to 200 °C.

Due to their application, the cylindrical roller bearings are of high accuracy and have a specific tolerances class HP (highprecision, corresponds to tolerance class SP according to DIN 5412-4). Bearings with other tolerances are available on request.

Bearing clearance
The standard bearing clearance of the bearings is C1 (lower than standard clearance CN). Due to this bearing clearance it is not possible to exchange the bearings, i.e., the outer rings cannot be exchanged among the individual bearings as is the case, for instance, with single-row cylindrical roller bearings of series N.. Both C1 and NA (for not exchangeable) are not indicated. Other radial clearance designs are available on request.