Magneto bearings


The magneto bearing is a bearing which can be dismantled and which consists of a deep groove ball bearing inner ring and an outer ring with one shoulder only. The outer ring raceway in the groove base merges into a short cylindrical raceway without edges. The bearing rings can be installed separately which is the advantage of bearings being assembled in series.

Magneto bearings are offered in two cage versions.

These are
-cages of fiber-glass reinforced polyamide 66 and
– cages of brass plate.

The same limitations apply to polyamide cages as are described for the deep groove ball bearing.

Tolerances, bearing clearance
The uniform tolerances of the outer diameter of magneto ball bearings is +0.010/0 mm. The other tolerances are equal those of other radial bearings and correspond to the standard tolerance. Two magneto bearings of a shaft bearing are installed with low axial clearance in order to compensate length changes and high-speed shafts can set in axial direction.

Magneto bearing    DIN 615