S-type bearings


S-type bearings are preferably used in the field of agricultural machinery, conveyors and the like to implement simple bearings. Typically, S-type bearing is a sealed deep groove ball bearing with a spherical outer surface.

Six versions of S-type bearings are offered:

  • – Series 162…
  • – Series 262…
  • – Series 362…B
  • – Series 462…
  • – Series 562… as well as
  • – Series 762…B.2RSR

The first five series are provided each with a wide inner ring. These bearings are fixed at a shaft either by means of an eccentric ring (series 162…, 262… and 362…B) or with two threaded pins (series 462… and series 562…).
The bearings of series 762…B.2RSR are identical in construction with series 62…2RSR; the difference here is the spherical outer ring. Series 562… is provided with gaskets and sheet-metal centrifugal disks as protection against excessive pollution. Due to their serial grease filling, all S-type bearings are maintenance-free. The bearings can be used at temperatures between –30 °C and 100 °C.

Compensation of misalignment
S-type bearings can compensate misalignment up to 5° from the center position (not applicable for series 262…).

The standard cage of S-type bearings consists of fiber-glass reinforced polyamide 66.

Tolerances, bearing clearance
The S-type bearings of series 162…, 262…, 362…B, 462… and 562… have a modified bore tolerance. In this case, a loose fit is obtained if the shaft has a tolerance zone h. The outer diameters correspond to the standard tolerance of radial bearings. The standard radial clearance of all S-type bearings is C3.