Spherical roller bearings


Self-aligning roller bearings are bearings for the most severe fields of application and contain two rows of symmetrical barrel rollers which set freely in the hollow-spherical outer raceway. Shaft deflections and alignment errors can be compensated by this design.
Self-aligning roller bearings are provided with a maximum number of rollers with large diameter and length.
Uniform distribution of stresses and a high supporting capacity are achieved by the close contact between the rollers and the raceway.
The standard version of SLF self-aligning roller bearings is the E version and thus the E is not indicated.
Self-aligning roller bearings are built with cylindrical and conical bore. In addition, the bearings are provided with an annular lubrication groove and lubrication bores at the outer ring (suffix .W33).

Heat treatment
As standard – SLF self-aligning roller bearings have been heat treated such that they can be used up to an operating temperature of 200 °C. However, if the self-aligning roller bearings are provided with a polyamide cage, the temperature limit of the cage (max. 120 °C permanent temperature) should be taken into account.

The standard versions of self-aligning roller bearings are supplied only with sheet-metal and/or brass cage. Polyamide cages are available only on request.

Conical bore
The range of products includes self-aligning roller bearings with cylindrical and conical bore. The cone of the bore is 1:12.

Compensation of misalignment

Self-aligning roller bearings can be slewn out of the center position by 0.5° without restriction under normal operating conditions and a circumferential inner race in order to compensate misalignment. Slewing angles of maximum 2° may be permitted in case of low stresses.

Self-aligning roller bearings    DIN 635-2